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Awesome services we offer

Whether you're a Business or Home Computer user we provide the right solutions for you. All works performed by certified engineers and technicians. We offering full range of PC repairing services.

Our experts do prompt service on all kind of makes & models of laptops. Our team diagnoses challenging problems in brands like HP, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and etc..

We can recover deleted important files from any of computers, And we do selling all kind of computer accessories like Ram, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Headset etc..

To fix Laptop and Computer Issues

We're qualified technician to fix your laptop or desktop repair & services in chennai


KR Info Solutions is an Computer and Laptop Repairing Service centre in Chennai, Our team of technicians bringing your laptop or computer back to life in a hours, not days or weeks.

We servicing all kind of laptop and pc needs like Keyboard repairs, Motherboard Problem, Ram Issues, Restart problems, Screen Repairs, We helps you to recover the deleted files from your hard disk. And finally we are selling all kind of computer accessories with in lowest offer price.